Community as a School

As a compact, traditional community of just 5 square miles, Pottstown offers educational advantages the suburbs can't match.

The borough has beautiful, historic houses that people have used and loved for generations.

Pottstown boasts a traditional main street with a pleasant atmosphere for walking and bicycling. Handsome old buildings have been adaptively reused as a new theater for the performing arts, an art gallery and school, and restaurants, making the downtown a new cultural hub.

Pottstown’s interconnected streets link homes, stores, offices and parks in close proximity. Traditional neighborhoods provide a sense of place, with landmarks like schools and churches.

The easily accessible Schuylkill River Greenway, stretching to Birdsboro and beyond, is one of the finest
recreational amenities in the region.

The Montgomery County Community College West Campus offers residents a world of opportunities. It has
already expanded from its original building to High Street, using a former warehouse, and will likely expand again within the next few years.

Walkable schools

Pottstown schools are within walking distance of students. Above, students walk to the Rupert Elementary School with adult chaperones.

Superintendent leads by example

Pottstown superintendent Stephen Rodriguez sets an example for students and staff by riding his bicycle from the administration building to district schools.

Montgomery County Community College West Campus

Pottstown High School juniors and seniors can take courses for credit at one of the four convenient community college buildings. Seniors can graduate with a full year of college credits. High achievers can qualify for scholarships that pay the full cost of the courses.


Environmental education

Among the many educational opportunities for Pottstown students is the environmental education center of the community college, located adjacent to Riverfront Park and the Schuylkill
River Greenway.

Art Fusion 19464

Art Fusion 19464, a non-profit arts gallery and education center, offers free and low cost art courses for Pottstown students at its new studio on Beech Street, within easy walking distance of Pottstown schools.

Steel River Playhouse

The non-profit Steel River Playhouse on High Street produces plays and musicals throughout the year. Many students take the opportunity to perform or work backstage for the productions.

Pottstown Public Library

The Pottstown Public Library is open six days a week, including weekday evenings. Students can obtain a wealth of written and video materials through the MCLINK Montgomery County library system.

Nature programs

The Natural Land Trust is partnering with NorthBay, an outdoor education group, to immerse Pottstown elementary and middle school students in the natural world around them. This includes exploring nature in their school yards and at Pottstown's parks, including the Manatawny Creek and the Schuylkill River.