The Hill School

For more than a century, The Hill School has been among the most prestigious college preparatory schools in the nation, a compeer of such schools as Phillips Exeter, Hotchkiss, St. Paul's, and Lawrenceville. It enrolls more than 500 students from 26 states and 20 foreign countries. Its alumni include Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, former Secretary of State James Baker, and President Trump's sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

The Hill School's core campus (below) is located on a hill in the middle of Pottstown. It is Pottstown's largest property owner by far, but its campus is exempt from real estate taxes. As such, it avoids a $2.3 million annual real estate tax bill.

It recent years, the school's trustees have said they want the school to contribute more to the revitalization of Pottstown, but its contributions thus far have been rather modest.

The following columns about The Hill School's relationship to Pottstown appeared earlier this year in The Mercury newspaper:

Hill School 990

Although Pottstown is struggling with a steadily declining tax base, the borough’s largest property owner is growing. 
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Hill aims to raise $175 million

The Hill School has launched a campaign to raise $175 million over a five-year period. 
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Hobart's Run

As part of a fundraising campaign, The Hill School has identified an area surrounding the school campus which it hopes to revitalize by partnering with residents and property owners.
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Investing in Pottstown

The Hill School has a significant handicap in comparison to its peers. Other schools are located in an idyllic village, or in the woods, or in the countryside.
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Hill School: untapped resource

Pottstown Borough government and the school district need to become more efficient. But Pottstown has other resources it could tap. 
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Tax-exempt campus expands

The most valuable real estate in Pottstown is The Hill School. Most of its property is tax exempt. Otherwise, its tax bill would top $2.3 million.
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Challenging tax exemptions

How does a non-profit like The Hill School qualify for a real estate tax exemption?
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Hill School takes early steps

Early in 2016, The Hill School announced a neighborhood revitalization initiative.
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