Pottstown School District Personnel/Wages

The Pottstown School District publishes a directory of school employees annually. For a directory of Pottstown School District employees for the 2019-2020 school year, click here.

More than two-thirds of the Pottstown School District 2015-2016 budget goes for salaries (41.7 percent) and fringe benefits (25.8 percent).

General expenses may be found on the "Pottstown School District Budget" page of this Web site.

The following chart of district personnel costs, listed by employee, including benefits, comes from an Excel spreadsheet received from Pottstown School District business manager Linda Adams.

We amended the Excel spreadsheet as follows:

The employees are listed by job description, grouped by administration or individual schools. There are 563 employees listed.

A second spreadsheet is appended at the end of the main spreadsheet with other employees who either retired and still had compensation owed them, or did not work a full year, or were on sabbatical, or were seasonal employees, or for some other reason were not listed in the annual employee directory.

To see the spreadsheets, click here.